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  "Hey Fellas! This is my first short story. Finally grabbed the pen!
  'Rudra Hashish Roar', It's about the girl who is terribly addicted to marijuana and thinks that there's nothing wrong in smoking pot if it gives you immense satisfaction and pleasure. Even Lord Shiva did that!!
  Her family boycotted her for awful habits and so she started living her life in her way. After so many meaningless flings, she is now in a search of a guy who accepts her in every situation and loves her unconditionally, selflessly... And then, he comes along...
    Rudra Hashish Roar means:
      Rudra - Lord Shiva
      Hashish - Marijuana
      Roar - Tattoo
  So, here comes the weird, but the purest form of a love tale that will hopefully set an imprint on your minds and hearts!!"

- Anjali Gawarkar (Author)

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